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Bible Reference > Revelation (The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries)
Revelation (The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries)

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Revelation (The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries) Hardcover – April 1, 2011


The book of Revelation  is written in the Bible to be understood. John F. Walvoord  and Mark Hitchcock leading Bible prophecy experts help you understand the seals, trumpets, vials, woes, and plagues.

 Dr. Walvoord, he points out that much of the book's symbolism can be interpreted literally. At key points, different views and approaches to interpretation are explored. Walvoord devotes special attention to textual and doctrinal issues while avoiding technical language. 

Updated with the English Standard Version (ESV), and streamlined, this classic text will help you interpret the last book of the Bible and gain a better grasp of current trends and the end-times.






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